Friday, December 5, 2008

Frederick Douglass vs Common Man

#1. Would you choose an education over an oven revolt, or an open revolt over an education?Why?

-(Frederick Douglass): I, Frederick Douglass, would choose an education over an open revolt because you can spent years learning to read and write and learn the ways of slavery and when the time is right you can take them by suprise with the knowledge that you have leqarned throughout the time it took you to build you're education.

#2. Why would'nt you want to choose open revolt, or education?

-(Frederick Douglass): I would'nt choose an open revolt because people who choose an open revolt is just asking for death. If you try to revolt against you're owner without a stragety or a plan, you will poorly fail and can be sentenced to deadly lashes, or even sentenced to a death penalty. Open revolt does'nt fall under the category of stragety, it falls under stupidity, unplsnned, and foolishness.

#3. What would be the outcome if choose revolt instead of education or education instead of revolt?

-(Frederick Douglass): I believe that the outcome of choosing a revolt instead of education would lead to the death of not me, but my fellowers as well. I cant imagine trying to lead an open revolt of my peers and trying to kill of my slave masters and trying to get away with it. Im not the violent type. I would rather fight using my words and education rather than fight using swords, knives, and guns. That is to gruesome for me. I could never lead something so horrible as an open revolt. Because of me, I would lead me and my fellow slaves right into a grave, because i would get us as killed, so I rather use my education to fight back instead of revo;lting against my slavemasters.

#4. How long do you think your method of resistance would be effective? The oppossing method?

I believe that the method of resistance that I choose is a long-lasting and effective, and is less risking than open revolt. Open Revolt is jeopardizing the safety of not only you, but the safety of whoever is folloing your approach. Education is not really risking anything, but Open revolt is.

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